• 2002

    Among the first to start development of J2ME titles on SL45i handsets and later on Nokia 6310.

    Published more than 6 games and on Aug/2012, we published DefendBase on AT&T., CannonBalls on Vodafone

    3 out of 8 games accepted on AT&T launch in Aug/2002 were developed by our team. The competition had 250 applications submitted.

    We developed 10 games by the end of 2002.

    zMoviePlayer was the first movie player on J2ME. zMoviePlayer used 3d dithering (dithering on next frame) and thus allowed for level of gray on pure black/white handsets. zMoviePlayer was able to run 8 frames/second on SL45i and earned top spot with more than 200,000 downloads a month

  • 2003

    Support colored handsets such as Nokia 7210 and Nokia 7650.

    Bubbles is top 10 on O2 UK.

    The company has developed more than 24 games/apps by the end of the year

    zMoviePlayer had color version and was able to run at 6 frames per second on Nokia 7210 and Nokia 7650

  • 2004

    CannonBalls, Znake and more products feature on O2 AT&T Vodafone Telefonica

    We had more than 55 mobile games developed by our company

    We started working as publishers by publishing games from other developers on our channels

  • 2005

    Reached more than 120 operators and VAS worldwide.

    Our publisher program has more than 20 developers registered and our catalog had 200 different titles.

    Several of our mobile games became Bluetooth multiplayer such as: Bubbles, CannonBalls, AntWar, SuperPool, PrettyPenny and Pocket Chess

    We also set the first standard for the delivery of mobile content between developers and operators

  • 2006

    100 mobile apps developed, 2800 mobile games/apps published, 500,000 videos, ringtones, wallpapers...etc.

    Our catalogue grew bigger as more developers are joining our publisher programme. Our games/apps are compatible with a wide range of handsets.

    Symbian development started with 3 titles

  • 2007

    BlueMagiq (Bluetooth advertising solution) was launched.

    Content providers reached 300. Distribution is now via 210 operators and VAS.

    Our catalogue includes more than 3,500 games/apps plus more than 800k other content (videos, ringtones, wallpapers, animations and themes).

  • 2008

    Company now has 32 employees full time development

    Our catalogue includes more than 5,200 games/apps plus more than 900k other content (videos, ringtones, wallpapers, animations and themes).

    We have completed Rotto (our first messenger app) and it was published via several big operators.

    Our ODP solution was finalized and used by operators such as STC, Mobinil and MTN.

    Added Chinese games/apps to our catalogue.

  • 2009

    Now covering Android, Blackberry, iOS and WindowsMobile. Our catalogue of Symbian apps is increasing.

    We added more Arabic and Islamic content to our catalogue.

    Our catalogue includes more than 14,800 games/apps plus more than 1.5 million other content (videos, ringtones, wallpapers, animations and themes).

  • 2010

    Over 450 operators and VAS partners. Over 650 content providers. Exclusive contracts with many providers.

    Our catalogue includes more than 34,200 games/apps plus more than 2 million other content (videos, ringtones, wallpapers, animations and themes).

  • 2011

    More than 65,000 games and apps. More than 100 Arabic games. Mega Collection. More than 500 distribution channels.

    Our catalogue includes more than 52,000 games/apps plus more than 2.5 million other content (videos, ringtones, wallpapers, animations and themes).

    Strategic partnership with Mobayle (appstore creator) to support them with mobile content.

  • 2012

    More than 82,000 games and apps. 3 million videos, ringtones, wallpapers,etc. Online games. social games.

    AdInject solution adds Android devices to its list. AdInject can work now on Java, Blackberry and Android.

  • 2013

    More than 200,000 games and apps. 8 million videos, ringtones, wallpapers,etc.

    mLocalization adds Windows Mobile to its list. mLocalization now supports Java, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry devices.

  • 2014

    Expansion of our catalogues to reach 650k games/apps. Integration of multiple services on operator's platforms.

  • 2015

    More than 800,000 games and apps. 12 million videos, ringtones, wallpapers,etc.
    Our customizable appstore was introduced at the beginning of 2015. Our AppStore comes integrated with content and multiple payment options. We offer the store on pay-per-download or flat subscription models. Local Developers can add games/apps to the appstore. There are other important modules such as a forum, developer module, social module, pointing system, rewarding system. The store is accessible from web or as a native mobile apps on android and iOS.

  • 2016

    Our catalogs include now 1.4m games/app plus more than 15.5m ringtones, wallpapers, videos, themes and other content.
    We are thrilled to annouce a new product that we are offering since this year. mMusic is a music store. It's a white-label music store that offers users the ability to download or stream music online. The store comes as a white-label solution. Our customer can choose the amount and quality of content that we are going to offer. We can include even top billboard music in the offer. Users can pay per song or as a subscription per month. We offer also a streaming subscription per month/week or even day!



ZGroup mobile is led by a team of young professionals with innovative ideas and the energy to make things happen! More than 200 years of experiences combined. Each member of our team brings special skills to the table. Whether a project requires skills in programming, graphics design, marketing, game concept, or customer service, the ZGroup Mobile team is prepared to tackle the project and come up with out of the box solutions.


Founder and CEO: Mr. Hesham Zreik: Hesham is a technology professional and a serial entrepreneur with a strong academic and business background. He has created several innovative companies in diverse technical fields. He holds two master degrees: CIS (Computer Information Science) and an MBA from Edinburgh Business School. Linkedin Profile

Vision & Values

At ZGroup Mobile, it's not just what we do that sets us apart from the rest, it's how we do it. We've developed a culture of taking challenges head-on. Our projects push us to utilize our skills and knowledge to the maximum and keep us on top of our competitors. We not only concentrate on company growth, we also care about the growth and development of each member of our team.

ZGroup Mobile takes mobile gaming and mobile entertainment to the next level! Our past and current projects speak for themselves. We were a pioneer in the mobile content area and we are innovators in content creation and distribution methods. From developing a game, to building a platform, to integrating mobile content and catalogues into customer platforms, ZGroup Mobile represents the newest generation and the latest trends in mobile entertainment.


With the rapidly consistent growth of the mobile content market (apps, games, books, music, videos and more), one cannot ignore or over-estimate the size of the market and its huge potential. Our aim is to serve clients worldwide (across operators and appstores) on all platforms (Android, iOS, HTML5, Java, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile) with all mobile content so that the mobile experience is a fun and rewarding one for the end-user.

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