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Moon Patrol

Moon Patrol

Short Description:

Moon Patrol” is a classical action game with logic features. The player takes the role of a moon-buggy driver, which patrols the moon surface. Jump over multiple craters, crash huge stones and destroy enemies on your way to fulfill the task.

Long Description:

In the game “Moon Patrol” the player takes the role of a moon-buggy driver, which moves on the Moon surface. But the player should not only drive a moon-buggy, but also overcome obstacles and fight the enemies. The moon-buggy can fire a laser gun forward or upward. The player should jump over craters, crash stones and destroy enemies on his way. Enemies launch rockets, which could be also shot down. Should a rocket hit the moon-buggy, the moon-buggy energy is taken away. Should all energy be lost, the moon-buggy will blow up. Should the moon-buggy bump into enemies or stones, it will be destroyed immediately.

There are multiple levels in the game. The levels quantity is not limited. Each new level is more complicated than the previous (enemies and obstacles frequency of appearance).  As soon as the Earth disappears from the screen, the level is finished. During the game, various types of bonus could be gained such as: life, energy or super laser which is able to go through any obstacle.


The game navigation depends on the model of the phone you play on. In any case the navigation key can be used. The game navigation for model 7650 (3650) is as follows: 4 (2 for 3650) - to the left; 6 (* for 3650) - to the right; 2 (1 for 3650) – jump; 5 (# for 3650) - shoot.



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